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Polish Hunting Dog Puppies 5 wks, USA, Worcester

Country: USA
City: Worcester
Zip: 01604
Contact: Marek Lech
Born 3/21/19. 5 weeks as of this posting. All female. Mother's 2nd litter of 8. Puppies are being raised in a playful family environment. First set of shots will have been done Wed 5/1/19

American Rare Breed Association (ARBA) registered. Father weighs 60lb and mother 45lb and were brought to the states from Poland.

Go visit our dogs instagram page @polish_hunting_dog to see more pictures of the father and mother, and both litters of puppies.

As this is a rarer breed in the united states, please search 'polish hunting dog' online to get more information/ images.

If interested, please call or text 508-523-4810 or email lech408@gmail.com

Documents when buying a puppy.

When purchasing a puppy, its seller, the owner, breeder or club, must draw up a purchase agreement with the buyer and attach a package of documents to it. At the moment when you signed the Agreement and paid for the puppy, the seller is obliged to hand over to you your puppy according to the Transfer and Acceptance Act and the documents accompanying the puppy:

1. Veterinary passport with marks of anti-parasitic treatments and vaccinations;

2. Metric puppy, in use "puppy card";

3. Certificate of chipping if the puppy is implanted with a chip identifier.

The information about the seller and the puppy should correspond to the seller's passport and the description of the puppy, respectively. Compare the stamp number (tattoo) and / or chip number specified in the contract with that of your puppy.

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